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from Terry Doyle - 16/01/14

Hello Sean,

I have just finished your book which was a most enjoyable read. It was a journey down memory land for me. I marvel and envy your powers of recall.

I was born at 33 Williams Place, off Clanbrassil street in 1938. My father John Doyle (1892-1972) was a dairyman and may well be the man you refer to on page 174. I had a good laugh at your reference to him - giving him the full status of farmer.

Coming back to page 7 of your book as I think the kindly Mrs Doyle was my Aunt Kate who looked after the shop for most of her life. My father used to bring her the milk from Williams Place. McGurks butchers was very close by and may have been next door.

Once again my congratulations

Kind Regards and best wishes for 2014,

Terry Doyle


from Sean O'Connor - 10/01/14 (Response to previous message)

Hello Michael, lovely to hear from you. Yes indeed, your dad was in my class and we were good pals. I was often in his home in Marks Alley. He is, of course, mentioned in the book at page 25. In fact, your granddad, Jack, was well known to me as well, as he was a real bird market man and was known for that. You will find both Sean, as we called your dad, and Jack, mentioned affectionately in the book. I hope you enjoy it and keep in touch if you need any information that I might have. I can see your Dad's face in my mind as I write this message. He was a grand, handsome boy with very distinctive




from Michael Ralph - 10/01/14

Hi Sean,

I have just started to read your book and I was wondering if my father and grand father are mentioned. My fathers name was John Ralph he lived at 19 Marks alley.

It would be really interesting to know if it's the same man. His dad's name was Jack.

I'm really enjoying the book and I got a real surprise when I got to page 25.


Michael Ralph


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