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from Patrick Boland

Dear Seán,

A few weeks back - on the occasion of celebrating 'The Liberties Festival' - I was present in Bakers of Meath Street/Thomas Street, to hear you giving readings from your wonderful book, 'Growing Up So High': and you also sang songs very much in keeping with the time of which you wrote.

I just had to write to tell you of how very enjoyable I found your presentation of readings and songs - thank you so very much indeed. I did get the opportunity of speaking with you briefly when you were kind enough to inscribe a copy of your lovely book for me - a book which is now one of my most treasured possessions.

You are a most courteous gentleman, who wrote, read and sang very warmly of the 'magical' days of the old Liberties - an experience which I share with you, for we are both of that age vintage, albeit, I am older than you.

I hope our paths will cross again one day: in the meantime, take care of yourself, and long may you continue to write, read and sing so warmly of 'Dublin in the rare old times'.





from Aidan McDonald

Dear Sean,

Many many thanks for your recent reading in Thomas Street. It was a great occasion and certainly ticked all the right boxes in terms of happy memories of times long gone.

The Gods certainly smiled on you when they blessed you with such a phenomenal memory, but when they paired this with what is a great genius for telling your story, both with the written and spoken word they, I think exceeded even their own best expectations.

Your presentation and reading of the selected passages was at times hilarious, but also tinged with sadness and this gave a touching and very accurate picture of what a treat was in store, well done,you really should put this show on the road.

Best regards,

Aidan Mc Donald


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