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from Matt Healy - 26/09/13

Hi Sean,

I have just read your book. I really enjoyed it! It brought back a lot of memories, especially your day with "Ming" O'Reilly and 'The Dear Little Shamrock'. I remember both classes were together, arranged in a slope, with your class at the back. I remember he pulled Sean O'Mara from the back row over the boys in front and the buttons flying from his coat. Sean was in your class, he was from Drimnagh like myself.

O'Reilly was very rough on a boy name Casey one day, the following morning a message came that a man wanted to see him on the landing. It was Casey's father. He gave "Ming" a good thumping - you can keep that one for the film.

Unfortunately, I had no luck with the 1949 Confirmation photo, the two people I thought might've had it didn't.

Best regards,

Matt Healy


from Sean - 09/09/2013

Good morning friends and family. Just a line to thank you for your support. ‘Growing Up So High’ was the Number One Best Seller in the category ‘paperback non-fiction’ in Ireland last week according to the chart in the Irish Times on Saturday, 7th September 2013.




from John McDermot - 09/09/2013

Hello John,

Well done. I must pick up a copy.


John McDermot


from Ron & Susan - 08/09/2013

Congratulations Sean!

Your Canadian family is very proud of you, and Susan and I can hardly wait to read the book when it arrives in a few days here - even more special having had a personal guided tour of Frances street from you and Peggy!


Ron and Susan


from Gemma Barry - 08/09/2013

Hi John

Well done on getting the No 1 spot on the paper back non fiction list.

Looking forward to the celebrations on Tuesday.



from Pat Quinn - 08/09/2013

Hi John,


I hope a famous author will have time to break bread sometime when we are in Dublin?

I will give you a call around the 22nd. when we come back from Manchester.

Incidentally the book is not being released here until October except electronically so I will pick up a copy in Dublin.



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